Kevin Tatam has announced plans to move Peterborough Pirates out of the city. It is understood that Tatam, the chairman of Peterborough Pirates PLC who are also currently in negotiations to buy Posh, has held talks regarding relocating his British National League team to Newcastle or Slough.

Pirates have been forced out of the city by Planet Ice's decision to run with an English National Premier League team - Peterborough Phantoms - in their rink. He faces stiff opposition in the North East in the form of former Newcastle coach Alex Dampier who is being backed by Newcastle speedway co-promoter Darryl Illingworth. It is believed that any move to Slough would be dependent on Peterborough Pirates PLC purchasing the ice rink in the Berkshire town.

Tatam confirmed that Glenn Mulvenna will continue as the coach of the Pirates if they move, but it is likely that they will adopt the name of the town they move to - Newcastle Pirates or Slough Pirates. Tatam said: "I can confirm that we are in talks to try and relocate the team. The two venues mentioned are currently being looked at as possible options as we are looking to make a franchise move similar to that witnessed in North America. "We are reasonably confident that we will be playing in the British National League next season."